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City Government Month is a grassroots awareness program implemented by the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC) to educate the public about local government.  City Government Week (as it was initially known) began in 1995 under the direction of Beattyville Mayor Charles Beach III, who was then president of the Kentucky League of Cities.  As mayor, he realized the need for an outreach program that would educate citizens about city government.  Mayor Beach also hoped to encourage a closer collaboration with local schools to develop civic awareness among fourth and fifth grade students.

Early in the design and planning phase, it was the goal of KLC and Mayor Beach to raise public awareness of the role of local government in the lives of citizens.  This was particularly important to KLC since the local level offers its citizens the best opportunity to be heard and is the most likely to influence the progress of local communities.

Brief History

KLC first formally attempted to highlight the many positive things that city governments and their officials do for citizens in 1995 with City Government Week.  The week-long program returned almost every year until 2000, which was when KLC grew the program into the first City Government Month.  The expansion of the program encouraged a wider audience across the commonwealth and provided more tools to teachers and city officials.  After 2007, KLC decided not to facilitate City Government Month again until 2016.

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