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1995 – KLC administered the first week-long attempt to highlight the many positive things that city government and their officials do for their citizens.  The theme was “City Government Works!”

1996 – Using the theme “Serving Citizens, Citizens Serving,” City Government Week focused on open houses for city governments, visits by city personnel to schools, and a successful letter writing campaign.

1997 – KLC provided a curriculum packet to fifth grade teachers concentrating on civics and social studies using the theme “Building a Solid Foundation – Leadership Under Construction.”

1998 – The curriculum was expanded to fourth grade students, and KLC created a coloring book for children.  This year’s theme was “Successful Communities – Shaping Kentucky’s Future.”  ’Tucky, a life-size mascot resembling a traditional city hall, was also introduced and made appearances at City Government Week activities in the state.

2000 – After taking a year off, City Government Week turned into City Government Month to encourage participation of a wider audience across the commonwealth.  Using the reoccurring annual theme “Our Cities, Our Future,” KLC provided lesson plans, coloring and activity books, scrapbooks and participant handbooks. 

2001 – 2007 – KLC continued the monthly program through 2007 and provided various promotional materials such as pencils, folders, stickers, and ’Tucky beanie babies.

2008 - 2015 – Although KLC did not coordinate City Government Month activities for these eight years, a number of cities conducted their own events and activities to connect with their residents.

2016 – KLC rebranded and relaunched City Government Month targeting elementary students of all ages.  A new website was launched with interactive city facts for students, teachers and parents, and lesson plans, a coloring and activity book, and implementation guide are available to teachers and city officials. 

Brief History

KLC first formally attempted to highlight the many positive things that city governments and their officials do for citizens in 1995 with City Government Week.  The week-long program returned almost every year until 2000, which was when KLC grew the program into the first City Government Month.  The expansion of the program encouraged a wider audience across the commonwealth and provided more tools to teachers and city officials.  After 2007, KLC decided not to facilitate City Government Month again until 2016.

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