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City Government Month is a grassroots awareness campaign to educate the public about city government – the level of government closest to the people.  An initiative of the Kentucky League of Cities (KLC), City Government Month is a month-long celebration of civics in the classroom and the community.

City Government Month has two primary goals:

  1. To educate elementary school children about the services offered by their city; and
  2. To increase public awareness of local government services.

City Government Month strives to connect both elected and appointed city officials with their local school principals, teachers, and children, all while furthering social studies academic standards for the state.

The new City Government Month program includes many of the historically successful elements and new components, such as:

The month of September is officially City Government Month, but teachers and city officials have access to the educational and promotional materials throughout the year. 

City Government Month is September Each Year!

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